Thursday, February 10, 2005

some thoughts about love


can't really find the right meaning for it. sometimes i would go over my autograph book that my classmates filled during my fourth year in high school, just in time before we graduated. i even scuttled for my other cheesy autographs when i was still in grade school. the question: "what is love?" still makes me wonder of whether how to define it or just ignore and forget about defining that very ambiguous term. but is it really worth defining? worth spending time to think about? is it just a feeling or an entity or a product of the mind? recollecting myself, because i don't know how to get meaning in love, i considerably think that i never have fallen in love. or i just think so.

but i admit that i have felt the way some people say when you're in love. the butterflies in your stomach when that special someone talks to you or shows some concern over you, the time you spend thinking of him and imagining that you're his girl? well, i sometimes think that it's just infatuation and i just have a crush over him. hell, how do i know?

then, i think of my parents, and ask, do they still love each other after all these years of hardships and quarrelling? can it really be eternal? or just an idea?

as i look through my classmates' answers in the question about love, there goes the flaundering cliches: love is blind, love is simply l.o.v.e, and the like. I came to an assumption that the meaning of love is relative. some would say this, some would say that, it all depends on what you have experienced or encountered. but for me, i'll still search even if it will take a period of time, or its just there right beside me, invincible but waiting, and when the time comes, it will be worth the wait..........